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The success and reputation of the business world has turned into something based on numbers.

So, only financial criteria are being looked at. This is what companies exist for,

It eliminated issues such as the extent to which it has relations with society.

Realizing that there are some questions we have to ask ourselves to change this

'Why does this company exist? Why are we working? 'and with these questions,

We realized that we were entering the process of looking again.

In this process, everyone has a story and business life is separated from it,

We realized that 'work is like another private life' is not a situation.

Thus, we determined that everyone will notice their own story.

We are a company that also listens to the stories of others.

Those who listen to the stories of others can understand both their colleagues and the dynamics of the corporate culture,

They can better understand and listen to both their competitors and their customers. What does that do?

It is certain that it will not give you that perfect scenario you have set up in your mind.

Perfection in today's conjuncture “To whom? According to what?" He makes us ask his questions more.

The reason is, in our opinion, 'nothing is perfect, perfection is just a road, a journey.

'Perfection can never be an end result, because if you want to make perfection sustainable, you have to accept it as a process.


Board of Directors