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Remifol will continue to offer new and different products in 2021

Remifol will continue to offer new and different products in 2021

DECEMBER 2020 Digital Technical Magazine

Mesut Utku: "We plan to offer new and different products to users in order to optimize our sectoral risks next year."

Remifol, the domestic manufacturer of digital printing and plotter foils, is preparing to meet customers with new and different products in 2021.

Remifol, constantly working on new products and production with its strong R & D team, produces high performance foils that meet the expectations of customers.

they work hard for them to produce and gain more. Remifol Board Member Mesut Utku answered our questions regarding the company's operations.

Can you tell us a little bit about Remifol?

Mesut Utku: We are the dreams of 3 crazy Turks obsessed with perfection.

We have a young and visionary team who believed in them and whose only concern is to engrave the Remifol brand into the world by doing what they love.

Our job is to produce self-adhesive products. If we are doing this job, then we say we should do the best.

We have already become one of the few companies in the world with our 2040 mm wide lamination line. We produce digital printing and plotter foils in our facility.

We have become an established and valuable brand in the sector by exporting the products we produce to different countries both domestically and in 3 continents of the world.

Can you talk about your investments and future plans?

Mesut Utku: We know that we always have to develop and invest in order to take part in the competition by saying that we are also in the sector.

We have a very strong R&D organization. We continue to invest in new products and production continuously.

During the pandemic process we are in, we continue to grow as planned with a more aggressive attitude instead of downshifting.

Next year, we plan to offer new and different products to users in order to optimize our sectoral risks.

We have entered a period in which the effects of the pandemic process are diminishing.

The supply and demand balance in the markets has begun to form. What are your impressions of the markets?

Mesut Utku: We can say that we had a difficult year as a country and the world economy. We are aware that the emerging new world order will not be the same as before.

This is a period when it will not be easy for companies that cannot catch up with change and development to survive. We have made all our technological and administrative reforms in this process.

The pandemic process caused an increase in demand for countries like us, as it reduced the commercial connection of our nearby geography with China.

We had the opportunity to work with many suppliers that we did not have the opportunity to express our brands before.

As a result of the experience that the quality performance of our products is equivalent to European competitors.

It ensured a positive increase in export figures. I think that all of our manufacturers should evaluate this process.

Has there been any change in your sales and marketing policy during this period when there were no fairs? Are you in a different work during this period?

Mesut Utku: Of course, we created different policies in this process. First of all, we have never lost contact with our existing customers.

We continue to organize one-to-one visits, telephone communication or interactive meetings where the pandemic allows.

We continue to improve our branding and self-expression tools. We turned towards a new structuring for foreign markets and technological communication channels in this direction.

Finally, can you give us some tips on why consumers should choose Remifol brand?

Mesut Utku: We promised that we will not upset those who prefer Remifol. Producing high performance foils for the value they deserve and

We are trying to provide the most economical conditions so that they can earn more money. We are a huge family in love with its job.

We love them as much as our work. We listen and understand them. We know the sector and the field very well.

Our only job is to produce foil. While laminating the best PVC and paper with high performance glues, they are worthy of our unique production process.

We are always excited to present the best foils. Always giving confidence, honest, stable, listening and understanding on the basis of our success,

Our agile and solution-oriented approach always lies in the face of problems. Our business partners who prefer us know that they will always receive quality products at the standards we promise.

Remifol will continue to offer new and different products in 2021