Remifol Folyo



Remifol, which has adopted the idea that quality is not a result but a process, does sustainable work in every field.

Not only with the sustainable quality management in the products we produce,

It has adopted policies for the development and protection of human and nature and acts as such.


Our Sustainability Policy;

To provide a healthy, peaceful and safe working space that will make our employees and visitors feel valued.
To follow all the laws and regulations regarding occupational health, safety and environment in force and to apply them continuously.
Being sensitive to environmental pollution and waste, striving and protecting for minimum consumption and pollution in production processes and office work.
To take care and protect using recyclable products.
To always produce new projects in the fields of environment, health, safety, customer satisfaction and quality.
To convey our sustainability commitments to all our employees, customers, business partners and visitors and to encourage them to work together for this cause.