Remifol Folyo

Why Remifol

Why Remifol? 

Because we promised that we will not upset you.

We produce high performance foils at the value you deserve and

We try to provide the most economical conditions for you to earn more money.

We are a huge family in love with its job.

We love you as much as our job. We listen and understand you.

We know the sector and the field very well. Our only job is to produce foil.

When laminating the best PVC and paper with high performance adhesives

We are always excited to present you the best foils you deserve with our production process.

Always giving confidence, honest, stable, on the basis of our success

Our agile and solution-oriented approach lies in listening and understanding.

Our business partners who prefer us know that they will always receive quality products at the standards we promise.

Ordering is always easy with us, getting your order right at the right time is a standard.

Correct pricing with our expert accounting and finance managers,

You do business with the convenience of correct payment methods and error-free invoicing.

It is always easy to reach us. Any problems or requests are met with sincerity by our team.